The Miraculously (re)Founded, Tentative Slogan-Using

University of Chicago Marching Maroon Band!

The Marching Maroons, the famed 100-member+ ensemble that disappeared (along with the original Division I football program) after the ill-fated 1939 season, has now returned! But this [re]founded marching ensemble—we currently have about 25 members but don’t expect a Malthusian Catastrophe anytime soon--will be something more peculiar than precise, more avant-garde than attend-hut.

The Band will be an outlet for creative, witty, and cerebral humor/fun(?) for all musically and non-musically inclined faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Indeed, The Band not only practices a zero-audition policy but invites everyone else to contribute to our cause/agenda/raison d’être.

Please review our newly updated website to find any other information you need but please return often; new items such as this wry introduction appear without warning (and, sadly, fanfare).

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Established 1898

(re)Founded 2009